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Homegrown sustainable guitars

- Biomaterials, wood alternatives, ethically sourced materials -


SO, WHAT iS sustainable LUTHerie?

Hello, my name is Rachel, I am a French luthier based in New England.

 My work focuses on sustainability. In addition of being C.I.T.E.S compliant (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), I proactively pursue material-alternative solutions that are aiming to be ecologic and ethical.

 It includes replacing plastic parts by fish leather, growing my own bio-materials such as kombucha scoby leather for banjo heads, or growing mushroom strands in hemp waste and other agricultural byproducts to create electric guitar bodies for example.

 Using local shipyard reclaim woods and exploring the tonal properties of overlooked "underrated" species is part of my lutherie library.

 This path requires a lot of explorations and discoveries that I like to share with you on social media platform, if you are curious, click here.

 My guitars are non-toxic, my glues, paints, varnishes are all natural.

 Find more about my path at the about button!

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